White-Tailed Shrike Lanioturdus torquatus

Spitzkoppe, Namibia

Friday 27th April 2007

  A real charismatic endemic bird this one. If you’re careful, it would allow approach up to about 10 feet making photos a lot easier. Spitzkoppe was the only place we happened to see this species on the whole trip.

  Photos taken with a Canon EOS 30D and a Canon 75-300mm Lens.

1st Photo: Shutter 1/2500, ISO 400 2nd Photo: Shutter 1/2000, ISO 400

3rd Photo: Shutter 1/2500, ISO 400 4th Photo: Shutter 1/2000, ISO 400

5th Photo: Shutter 1/2000, ISO 400 6th Photo: Shutter 1/2500, ISO 400