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   Mark was born in East Yorkshire, England but has lived in Angus, Scotland for nearly 25 years. His parents introduced him to wildlife at a young age, with trips to such places as Spurn Point, Bempton Cliffs and the Farne Islands. Fond memories! Mark has had a keen interest in birdlife, wildlife and the natural world since being a child and began taking photographs at the age of 10, when he saved up and bought his first SLR camera, an Olympus OM10.

   Over the last 20 years his interests in Nature and Photography have been combined with a love of travel, where discovering the nature and vistas of other countries always offers something new, exciting and unexpected.

   Mark has had many photographs published in various magazines, newspapers and books, including the Cornell Lab of Ornithology magazine “All About Birds”, BBC Wildlife Magazine and regularly contributes to magazines “Birdwatch”, “Birdwatching” & “British Birds” to name but a few. Of note, Mark in 2016 had a double page spread in “BBC Wildlife Magazine”, as well as an image appearing on BBC’s TV series “Springwatch”. One of Mark’s Sea Eagle images appears on the front of a Classical Music Album for the French Horn. In 2014 Mark wrote a small article which was published in “Birdwatch” magazine, reviewing a Scottish bird watching book. He also sells his work as stock images (nearly 10,000 sold), prints, canvases and greeting cards, and works as a professional Wedding Photographer. Mark’s Stag images have also appeared on Bed & Pillow Covers in Primark’s 250 stores across Europe.

   Photo presentations to clubs and societies are regularly given, highlighting the nature and wildlife of his travels. 

   Every year since 2002, Mark has been actively involved in the artwork, printing and providing photos for the front cover and inside the annual Angus & Dundee Bird Report. An excellent publication, expertly edited by the County Bird Recorder.

   Along with his wife Nelie and young son Sam, he enjoys nothing better than a walk in the countryside with binoculars and camera in tow. Thanks for taking the time to visit this website. Mark hopes you are inspired to get out and enjoy what the natural world has to offer. It never ceases to amaze!

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