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disneyland paris

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Went with the wife and bairn, as always I kept my eye out and created a bird list of everything I saw in France.

Poor list of aboot 35 species tops!!

two queries for the experts out there.

I stayed in a hotel in Val'deurope, about five minutes bus journey from Disney. Directly across from the hotel was a nice park, very scrubby, leading to stunted trees then farmland far behind. There were amongst other things a flock of Redpoll - which species are they likely to be?

There were three warbler species in this park, Willow Warbler, Icterine (which I sussed out after VERY careful examination) and a third that has me stumped. Very nondescript but its call was very similar to a sedge warbler, but definitely a bit 'off' if you get me!! There was no water or reeds etc nearby and it stayed amongst small bushes.

The park also had a fair few Black Redstart which was nice!! :)

cheers in advance if anyone can help!!
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