Balgavies Osprey Ringed

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Alex Shepherd
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Balgavies Osprey Ringed

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I was at Balgavies on Tuesday July 17th where an SWT Team accompanied by Roy Dennis successfully ringed and satellite tagged the osprey chick, I'm sure the SWT girl said it was Blue YD. It took a fair time to find a route up the tree and the adults alarm called during the whole event. As I was leaving both adults had returned to the dead tree and SWT were confident all was well. At the other end of the loch I caught a short glimpse of a bird which had come across the loch and went into the trees at the old station, the only identity I could guess at was a Marsh Harrier, does anyone know if there has or is a visitor harrier?
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Gail Clark
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Re: Balgavies Osprey Ringed

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Thats fantastic news. I vist there quite a lot. Good to know the site is on the SWT radar for looking after these birds.

I have never seen a Marsh Harrier there before, but how exciting would that be if it hung around. Check the book next time you are there people usually record everything they see.

I was there at the weekend and there were four Osprey's flying around and the chick was happily sitting in the nest.
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